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Membership Information

The Society's activities and training programs are offered on a membership basis. All branches and locations of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia Inc are a part of an incorporated non-profit and charitable organization, and all its instructors are accredited volunteers. Classes and many other activities are offered as part of membership. Young and old alike enjoy the friendly and welcoming nature of the Society.

Instruction is offered on a membership basis rather than a fee-for-service, or pay-by-the-class, basis. When you become a member of the Society you are entitled to attend all of our available classes in your area and at any other branches you may happen to visit.

The membership costs consist of an initial registration fee plus annual, half-yearly or monthly dues which provide you with unlimited attendance at all regular Tai Chi classes. New members can take advantage of a special discounted four-month beginner package. There are also special rates for senior citizens, pensioners, students and for people with special needs and financial hardship.

For further information about membership, including fees and dues, see this information sheet